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The Road Less Traveled: Episode 1 – Varun

This section of Redpaper.in celebrates the heroes who had the guts to follow their passion. They questioned the society and chased their dreams! Respect!

The Road Less Traveled: Episode 1

Varun Namdev

Nowadays, we can spot at least 2 out of 5 individuals carrying a DSLR. Everyone wants to flaunt photography as their ‘hobby’ but that is it.

You claim that you love photography, love to travel but then why not choose these as a profession?

Let us introduce you to VARUN from Varun’s Pix’o’graphy (https://www.facebook.com/VarunsPixoGraphy/?pnref=lhc), who was just not ready and prepared to let go of his dream. Read on!

The Juncture:

After finishing my B.Tech from NIT B, I was offered a job with a software company. I refused to join the same because the seniors I was in contact with would always crib about their jobs. I got apprehensive. My parents panicked and asked me to prepare for IES and UPSC. However I always wanted to travel and explore places. Just because of family’s financial condition I had never been to any school trip and college tour with my friends. Studies and empty pockets you know! Hardly new! Being in an expensive hobby i.e. photography I never thought of adopting it as a profession at that point of time. So I agreed to my parents for the preparation of UPSC; more of an excuse and escape from the private engineering job and potentially hectic and mundane upcoming life. After finishing my exams I decided to explore my hobby till my result came out. I started borrowing DSLRs and lenses from my friends and practicing what I have learned from online and photography magazines. That was the moment of truth and I realized what I wanted.

But choosing a drastically different career, especially in our country is still not acceptable and I had to face a number of Challenges when I finally decided to chase my passion.

Just to name a few, EMI Reminders of my education loan that I took for B.Tech, marriage proposals, taunts of my relatives and neighbors and what not. It was a crazy time. But, the Mother Nature herself, few college seniors, some close friends, bunch of Facebook likes and critical comments on my photography page kept me motivated in the pursuit of the road less travelled!

I believe that every individual is born on this planet with a dream. Some realize their destiny earlier than the others. I have defined a Success meter to keep myself in check and not to deviate from my path.

In my opinion, for a traveler, the number of places he explored in a year, for a photographer, how many good story telling photographs and shots that can have a positive impact in society and for an entrepreneur, the reach of his product/service to its audience or consumers might me a few parameters of success. If I combine all of these and evaluate my success rate, I am still struggling as an entrepreneur. But as traveler and photographer I am doing pretty well. I am done with my Kanyakumari to Kargil trail, covered 10 states and 30+cities in this year and still have 2 more Indian states are in my To-Do-List before 2015.

The only Regret I have in life is that I should have pushed myself to travel during my college vacations. Lack of courage to travel alone and a desire for comfort were the worst traits I had during those 4 years. I could have had a head start.

This brings me to a point where I would like to pick up and narrate a Favorite anecdote from my travel diaries.

I have had many adventures I can share but the best one was my Ladakh expedition, which I initially thought would be for 4 days and eventually extended up to 22 days, the reason being the bad weather and off course my lust for travel. I photographed the Milky Way (you can find the picture below) and documented the less travelled village TURTUK of Baltistaan region on the Indo-Pak border which has been opened for tourists just 5 years back. Raw beauty of nature and lovely Balti people made me explore and document the village. I also missed my FTII Pune entrance exam to unexpected snowfall and road blockage but, no regrets at all! :)

>> Watch this space for the episode 2 of Varun’s journey, till then, enjoy some of his mesmerizing clicks!



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