Sundown Sapphire Silence

An Instant Thought !

Location : Pune, 17:06 hours
There is a bizarre feeling of dilemmatic thought ponder every time I step into the 6 feet extension beyond my room overlooking the lush green sugarcane fields forming a beautiful scenic vision. The Western ghat valley slants into the textured bank of Mula river stream flowing beside the sugarcane fields. It indeed is the nature’s red carpet beautified with the shining scarlet streak of rays before the majestic Sun dissolves to a mesmerizing dawn. The sound of the giggling waves, the crackling of dry leaves as I stroll on the bank and the quirky chirping of the sparrows; all seem like the serene silence overpowering the distorted chaos of the concrete jungle a few miles from the stream.
The beckoning Sundown Sapphire Silence !!!

-Pankhuri Chakraverti

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