The Seasonal Change |
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The Seasonal Change

The cold creeps in through the sun,

Flames of ice now start to burn.

Everywhere and all around!

Over the trees and their crowns.

Even all the shadows that,

Stood with the trees attached;

Are now covered with the holy snow.

Winter sent by the God above!

The lifeless trees stand their ground

Even through the heavy mounds

Of the snow that veils them hard;

But then comes the heavenly bard,

Named as spring ages ago.

The glittering snow melts without ado,

Like pearls beneath the glorious sun.

The green stretch over the trees and run

Over the ethereal land of earth.

New buds and seeds taking birth.

The seasonal change brings with it,

Hope beneath the eternal zenith.

And love befalls on all,

To rejuvenate and recall

The delectable times when every being

Was enthusiastic alive and forgiving.

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