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The Road Less Traveled – Episode 4 – Stuti Khare – The Road Less Traveled – Stuti Khare

The Road Less Traveled – Episode 4 – Stuti Khare

‘Choice, not a chance, determines your destiny. Believe in yourself and make the right choice.

These are the words from Stuti Khare, former Software Developer at SAP, and a graduate from NIT Bhopal, who finally made her dream come true in the field where her passion lies. Now, she has proudly established herself as a Wedding Choreographer with eminent clients and a Dance Fitness Trainer at the UK established brand.

Opting the road less traveled is not what everyone does. But there are few people around us who have actually stood for their dreams and strengthened their desires without sacrificing them over the whims of society. We all suffer from those multiple phases of dilemma in our lives, but there is a thing, that takes us to the right path – our inner voice. It’s not always so easy. However the urge of peace and satisfaction for our soul makes us follow the path, one or the other time. Shruti did it at the right time as she believes that one should strike the iron when it is hot.

Let’s roll back and hear her story out in Stuti’s own words.

Living and thriving, they are different words

“After being graduated from NIT Bhopal as a Bronze Medalist in the branch, I started my career as a Software Engineer. I worked in SAP for 3.5 years. As a Software Engineer, life was monotonous, dull, without any aim. Something was always lacking. I was never satisfied even after getting awards for my work. I was always searching for something else. Changing domains often, didn’t help. On a brighter side, life was comfortable, money was flowing but I was never happy.”

Stuti Khare 

When the trigger was pulled

“Dance has always been my passion. I learned a lot of dance forms since my childhood. I often attended numerous dance workshops. I have won a number of dance competitions. While working in SAP, one day I attended a Zumba session. Practicing there, I could not last for over 20 minutes as it was an advanced class. This is what intrigued me then and I started researching about Zumba and found it to be really fascinating. I started monitoring Zumba quite regularly. Further, I did my training as a dance instructor while preparing for GMAT. After leaving SAP, I had around nine months to start applying to the Universities. Meanwhile, I decided to start with Zumba. I started with only one student then and today I have more than 100 clients which include Marriott International, Aloft, and Reliance.”

It was never a smooth ride, but I bet you will enjoy it

“Nothing comes to you easy. At first, nobody recognizes you. Nobody wants to work with you. Money crunches. Lack of approval in the society persists as the profession of dance has always been tagged as an art field. But my passion – passion for dance, passion for making a mark in the society built up my strength to stand on my own. I have always loved challenges. I have always believed in doing something that others might be reluctant in doing. I feel it is the love for my passion, love of my clients, and love for fitness that I have come so far from where I started and the journey still goes on.”

Stuti Khare

Looking myself in the mirror now

“Presently, frankly telling, I do not consider myself successful at all. Having so many people around, much more experienced and talented than me, I still have a long way to go. I feel I have not even achieved 5% of what I really want to. Currently, I am the PREMIER ACTIV8OR of DANCE ACTIV-8, Dance Fitness Brand from the UK. Owing to which, I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders. Yes, I am scared for the time being. But again, it would be quite interesting to learn how to spread a Brand in India. I am standing here with my bootstrap startup. I have neither used any money from my savings nor asked me parents or any investors for it. Everyone thinks it is not possible to earn money in this field. But, I feel it is difficult but not impossible. “

Stuti Khare

When I look back

“When I look back, the only regret I feel is I had somewhere lost my family support when things started surfacing. I would have been much happier if I would have got that. They have started accepting it now, but I feel it is the Indian Society and the Generation Gap which makes it difficult for them to understand that a brilliant scholar, a topper from a prominent institute could give up her satisfactory job as a Software Developer to enter into the Fitness Industry. But I am happy and proud that I took a stand over the Geek I was. I pray to God to help me achieve top level in this field as well.”

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