Pain in Snow |

Pain in Snow |

By: Puja Mitra | via Write-for-RedPaper

Naked branches of trees, snow covered lanes,

You say this beauty; I say this must be pain,

there you drift miles away from me.

Snowflakes touches your face, you glow with glee,

I walk ahead of you, take the corner and there I flee.

You engrossed and happy pick your camera there,

Glittering white around, summons you to capture

beauty revealed, and I stay frozen as in a nightmare.

You turn around all of a sudden to look for me,

I know now, you want my hand to boast and spree,

but here I am too away to celebrate with thee.

Me cold and wet, my heart feels lone and wretched,

I can hear someone sob, silent but for long stretched,

I know it’s the naked trees; it’s the gloomy sky,

They mourn the loss, their face gone pale and dry.

Clouds have sensed this through, he has seen the tears

Trickling down, and have rushed to fight back in fear

Of getting his pals caught, planned to shower hard in rows,

Sorrow so contagious, grasped the rain and turned them snow.

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