You Are Not Listening |
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You Are Not Listening |

I could speak in poetry,

Pick the stars and plant them

Across your garden along with the

Half-dead roses,

I paint your face, always missing out

On the flaws of your skin

Because to me, there weren’t any.

I could write you a thousand letters

Perfumed with my most intimate thoughts

And kept inside the yellow and green envelope

But I will not.

I could smell the T-shirt you forgot

To take back from me,

But I have lost the scent

Just like I lost myself with you.

I could sing,

My voice will tremble but

You know that I have loved to.

I could sing all the songs I used to

When you were busy behind your laptop screen

And I was admiring the frown above

Your eyes.

But will you listen, my dear?

Or will my voice fall flat

Like the glass falling from the highest heights?

Will you read my words, love?

Or will they slip away

From the holes left from

The blows my love had to take?

Will you see me?

Beyond the puffiness of my eyes

And the dark worlds beneath my lids?

Will you notice the difference?

Because I wasn’t this.

I was not trembling the day I wrote

I love you too

Like I am trembling right now,

I did not hide

Because you used to see the

Beauty in me that did not even exist

Unlike today

When my words

Are falling flat and



not listening.

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