Mushrooming Maim |

Mushrooming Maim |

By: Sharmistha De | via Write-for-RedPaper


The other-side dwells latent breeding extensively,

Proliferating discreetly all through…

It drags the entity to the twilight silently.

Battered soul suffocates to come up the lip,

Relentless pessimism cripples the present.


Why such sudden surges of premature plights?

You teach how to hurt love: oh! Other-side…

It leaves edges brimming with nostalgic spines,

Bleeds rotten memories alive,

A grudge delves within torment’s existence.


Cuts, bruises, tears…are seen: touchy scourged heart…unseen,

Why don’t you wrap yourself with dungeon; be elusive!

You bring up such misery the esse can’t afford,

It stains till the core effervescent ephemerally…

Exemption affirmative.


Yet they soothes you and sprinkle smiles,

Erects space for you to murmur,

Barefaced you slither frost in warm benevolence,

The shield of altruism stays put: oh! Love,

Embrace cognizance please…

It’s mushrooming maim!


Feature Image: mysticalloversjourney

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