My Mind Goes Blue |

My Mind Goes Blue |

By: Puja Mitra | via Write-for-RedPaper

Shades of orange, blue and green,

silently sweeps across my face,the wind calm and serene,

the seagull, white and pure flies across my face,

and dives straight into the foamy, glittering waves,

I walk in line with the pebbles across the sandy shore,

the waves break on my feet and I crave for more,

The beauty has drugged my mind,

and I feel my brain goes weak and entwined,

Oh!nature I bow down and kiss your feet,

and secretly wish I could dance in your beauty’s beat.

Alas!the days are gone when i could dance, jump and run,

my destiny took away my legs and deserted me from those fun.

But my lovely lady, here I leave my eyes,

My mind says your beauty deserves this sacred sacrifice.

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