Magic At Last .. Or Not |

Magic At Last .. Or Not |

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People always called me a nerdy brain – I think they are dangerously close to being right! Hence let me try to start with a mathematical logic. Writing – is a function of your mood, and the actions. My mood today went on getting bitter by the hour. It had almost reached a peak ‘sourness’ level when suddenly a few things got fixed just like some pieces of Tetris magically finding their way and saving your game. Hence the mood for writing today – although started as sour, has now become more amenable. I would also take backing of my nerdy thinking to set forth the disclaimer that many references in the article would be manifestations of a nerd brain.

Half of the world around me surprises me. Most people in their insecurities have stopped being real. My best understanding is that the level of insecurities is different in everyone and we keep teaching each other which is that right level. Hence I feel having insecurities is perhaps not bad, but letting it spillover on to others is the worst. I have never regretted anything more in my life than being the reason for something not going right with someone other than me.

But today’s article is about positive things and let me start by introducing a concept – ‘The Lion King”.

‘The Lion King” is for those people who have always fought bravely in their lives. As in the movie, the lion cub who is tricked by his uncle into believing that he killed his father is lost in the woods, before he finds his way back reenergized and rejuvenated. These are the people who inspire me, give me the courage to continue putting in effort. At the least minimum, they are the most courageous of the people. I know how I am sometimes all over the place – take up so many tasks, keep juggling between them and get split to an extent which easily results in suffering. I am still learning – from all the people I have met, got a chance to know. From these ‘Lion Kings’, I have learnt that it is best to curb suffering – it needs to be absorbed. If you don’t do it, someone around you absorbs it for you, if even they don’t the outside world needs to absorb it. The Lion King is innocent, just like you and me- has flaws and drawbacks but strangely has displayed unimaginable qualities at some situations which make him great.

One Lion King I knew, was a girl I stayed with. She wanted her ways in her marriage. The talks at home went for 5-6 months. If one person was agreeable on some day, he would turn anti on the next. Someday, you create strategy to win over one person, the other day a new strategy for the next person and the third day a third strategy for the first person again. She, during these days, didn’t mix up lot with other girls at the house, would not be part to listening their problems or cries or make stupid cheesy girly suggestions. However, she would not even sit and discuss her problems. Until 10 days before the wedding, long after the cards had been distributed and wedding preparations had been done, she was still unsure whether the wedding would happen or not. I learnt from her – how never to give up for what you want. She single-handedly made preparations for her wedding –from finalizing venue and cards and the menu and managing parents – she did everything and was happy with everything at the end. She did have to leave her job in between, but ultimately was happy with the final results that the efforts had borne.

Another Lion King I knew, and this thought still makes me sad to this date. An expecting mother, with twin kids – first babies for the couple as well as for the family. A loving family, a loving husband, 3-4 younger brothers and sisters – making merry all along, all the while. Months go by and the little ones are developing inside the mommy. In the 5th month, complication arises and sadly the kids are not able to make it. . . .just penning down these words halt the motion and surrounding world for 2 minutes. What is done has been done. There was tremendous pain and endeavor to survive the kids which went on for 20 days, after which the destiny showed its ending. Devastated she would definitely have been, she came out of the hospital, what was done was done – what now. She went back home, to her home, to parents, to in-laws, to family and things started improving. Didn’t show pain for long, not on her face or her actions. It is unbelievable the time in which she came back, as the same, to everyone. No one can imagine her loss, but with this composure of hers during the 30-40 days, she set an unchallengeable, an absolute bar on goodwill, right attitude and behavior for the younger in the house. And even for people like me – who didn’t even know her directly. That’s a ‘Lion King’ – you learn how you rebound and how you come back to what you are, to being better than what you are and what people around you can be. Kudos! No one can ever match you!

I don’t even consider myself any close to any lion kings I have been fortunate to see in my life. These are very simple people, with regular IQ and normal behavior. What drives them when it is required is something which only they can answer or maybe even they can’t. What can only be understood is that somethings in life and within us will remain unknown to us. If we believe, we can. And where our belief on ourselves would fall short, we would believe in the aura of good people around. The good people, the real people, the simple ones – but the honest ones. Someone told me long while back ‘Do you know people have an aura around them?’ And I jokingly replied ‘Yes, that’s why I like being around you!’. I would have joked at the statement then but I understand it slightly better now. More than understanding, I feel it slightly more now and I know it is still 1% of what is there to be understood and felt. Some things you can say, but some of those things you can write and never discuss again. It is just one of those.


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