The Trap | – Poetry
By: Preeti Vyas |

One day while sifting through the room,

They heard some noise,

Strange, squeaky, unusual,

They thought it might be from their underslept minds.


And then days passed,

They remained stuck to their routines,

One midnight, one of them spotted the culprit,

Roaming around free turning things into bits.


And then they called the man of the hour,

Who settled the traps in all those hidden corners,

He pasted some baits on the top,

A really small reward for getting caught.


For days those traps remained as it is,

Conclusions were drawn,

That the culprit is not as big,

As those traps may need.


So they strategically fed it,

With crumbles and pies,

And to the culprit, it seems,

He is enjoying best days of his life.


And days passed, but they kept calm,

Because they know this plan is universal,

To catch them,

Once in all.

They know they are trying to catch,

A mouse with a rat trap,

Which is progressing towards its doom,

As his days proceed to the end.


Mouse, ate, ate and ate,

For so long,

Got fat, got trapped.

Isn’t this a story for all?

Feature Image: Vecteezy

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