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By: Preeti Vyas |

Why are you a loner? They used to ask him often. But he never replies them back. For his world is different than theirs. To him, he was an extrovert but not a typical one. He doesn’t have many friends, he doesn’t have a fancy usual social life. He doesn’t have anything glossy to show people about his life. Because his life cannot be depicted by those handles of stories, photos, and posts. It’s something beyond those which is undecipherable by others.

He is a hidden soul having hidden comrades to whom he expresses himself a lot. He lives in the shadows of all and he loves talking to them. Shadows – he plays with them and listens to their stories. He alleviates them from their pains and mixes them with glory. He often befriends the lights parsing through his windows on the full moon night but he is afraid of sunshine and whims of its shimmer.

No one knows about his world that he carries within. They just see him outwardly and substantiates their beliefs. Good for them – he used to think often, as he lives his unobtrusive life with peace. He works like a common man to earn his livings. That’s his only link with the real world in which he doesn’t think he lives actually. For his world is the game-play of shadows and nights. For artists like him, the real world is just a connecting link, not a plight.

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