Compromise | – Compromise
By: Preeti Vyas |


Owing to the moon all by herself,

Is not letting her take the breath of respite

Thinking a way out, she said,

‘’Let’s reach out the sky,

Tonight we will cut the moon in two halves,

One will be yours

And the other will be mine.


But we won’t stay constant my friend,

When I will recede

You will gain,

When I will grow

Then you will agonize,

The loss and the intense pain.


Part by part,

Layer by layer,

We will grow individually,

But you will stand by my side,

Taking away my darkness,

Giving your side of rays.

I know you will suffer,

The same will be my fate.


But as I said nothing will be constant,

We will recede and glow,

You will cover my darkness,

I will cover yours.

People will wait equally for us,

On the either sides.


But they won’t be aware,

That we are two bodies,

Coalesced in a circle,

When they see me,

They won’t see you,

But I will know,

That you are there,


Making your luster last

For the rest of the cosmos.’’


Feature Image: PC Wall Art

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