Batteries over Pillow Castles | – Opinion
By: Preeti Vyas |

We are celebrating children’s day today but children, where are they? They all are gone missing. I don’t see any child around me. They are all grown-ups. They talk about monetary possessions. Yeah, the gadgets, the technologies they own in the control of their hands.

They don’t freak about a broken pillow house these days. But they freak out when the batteries of one of their toys run out, or they fall down in the leaderboard score they are maintaining from months. What are their toys? They are that big screen and the game controllers, the manipulative smartphones in their hands, the Wi-Fi connected speaking tom with which can talk and play. Those big gangs of notorious kids who used to roam around in bicycles, barging in anyone’s playground and breaking windows with their football seem to be lost now. Now they stand in their home in front of the fake field and play with their non-human interactive friends.

I don’t hear any laughter and screams coming out from the playground but I hear a lot of them in a closed glittery room of shiny lights and virtual game pods. Do you think this transition, this pace of development is viable for these little minds who actually learn the life strategies from the games and role plays?

Are these games feeding them right? Are they providing them the sentimental values that they used to share generations back? Are they teaching them how to lead the team in the virtual game of cricket where they are just some icons on the screen inputting their control from buttons? Are they providing them the heat that earlier kids used to feel after coming from a harsh game of football in the rainy field? Are these games increasing their physical and mental activities like old days when it used to train them how to play in rugged terrain, how to fix a broken bat, how to take out the ball from small pipes and running lines by using their differently drawn techniques, how to make a tree house, how to make a puppy shelter? I know pretty much of them have been simulated in virtual gaming where they can show each other their earned rewards and crossed levels. But have they actually leveled up with these? I don’t know.

I don’t disagree with the technology being imparted in everyone’s life, in fact, as a researcher I am working on creating them. But there must be a balance which now seems to be diminishing. I hope we can do something about it by analyzing how fast the world is changing around us. We can still infuse the childhood in the grown-up kids just by making them realize that the real world out of the screen is way more beautiful and the rewards given here stays forever.  I think we can do that!

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