I am just an Escape |
UMA PANT | via Write for RedPaper

I am just an ESCAPE |

You look for me in the time of distress,

When you are tired and life is a stress.

I seem to be the only thing,

Which can get you out of the mess.


The more you try to find me,

The more you get tangled up.

There is an unpredictable world

Waiting for you to spill it up.


Look harder, open your every sense

maybe I will take you down or you will get clensed.

Trust me buddy

I am not an easy one to get,.

But once you will find me

there is no way going back.


I can’t promise a life full of life,

or a shapeless you with your shape.

As I am nothing

but just an ESCAPE.

….Go, take your chances

     and get out of the cage.


Feature Image: favim.comInline image: By the writer

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