A Broken Soul |

A Broken Soul |

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Empty soul wander aimless through the crowd.

Doesn’t affect her the screams and shouts.

Numbed by the pain of a hollow heart.

Everything she admired, loved and lost.

Loud sounds to hushed whispers, echoes through her hollow soul.

Hearing laughter, feels like a sprinkle of lemon on burnt pores.

Pretending being her favorite game.

Smiles through tears and smiles through pain.

Wounded scars, not cleaned but boozed.

Silent cries, quietened by snooze.

When finding herself under that faceless mask

and getting through seems like the only task.

It’s said, it’s only a matter of time

Her soul would be filled back with light.

She tries to believe in that lie,

But sadly her heart refuses to believe, in that mirage of a sight.

So instead of having this internal torment,

Her soul finds an ultimate solvent.

That dissolves the pain and cools her heart.

Just live by what has happened as her past,

A memory embedded but never lost.


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